The Malaysia video games industry and business have been developing over the past several years, with an increase in companies and developers releasing games that are not only entertaining to play but also stand out on the international stage. The government’s support and the nation’s ever-increasing gaming population are to blame for the industry’s advancement since the days when we played “Tetris” on our Nokia 3310.

Let’s discuss the government in the first place. They’ve finally realized game industry is a source of economic growth as well as a meaningful time and avoiding tasks. The Game Creators Conference (GDC), one of the events the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) hosts to highlight the sector’s potential, is one of the tools and funding programs it offers game developers. It’s time for the government to acknowledge the possibility of a profession in video gaming.

However, a role in the sector’s expansion is undoubtedly the rising number of gamers in Malaysia. The number of gamers in the nation is predicted to reach 18.3 million by 2020, with the bulk of them using mobile devices, according to a survey by Newzoo. The affordability of smartphones and internet connection, as well as the rising popularity of mobile games, are all factors in the increase in gamers.

In addition, Malaysia’s strong community of game developers and firms supports the video gaming market. A large portion of these businesses concentrates on making popular mobile games in Malaysia. “War of Nations” developer Lemon Sky Studios and “Jelly Defense” developer E-One Studio are two of the most prosperous businesses in the sector. Through their games, these businesses are not only keeping us entertained, but they are also helping to establish Malaysia as a major player in the world of online gaming.

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