The Malaysia video games industry has expanded significantly in recent years, with an increase in studios and developers making games for domestic and foreign customers. Government backing and the rising number of gamers in the nation are just two elements contributing to this increase.

Government backing is one of the critical factors driving Malaysia’s video gaming industry. The government has implemented several programs to help the business because it recognizes its potential as a driver of economic growth. For instance, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has supported game developers with financing and resources and has staged events like the Game Developers Conference (GDC) to advance the sector.

The rising popularity of video games in Malaysia is also a result of the country’s growing gaming population. In 2020, there will be 18.3 million gamers in Malaysia, most of whom will be using mobile devices, according to a Newzoo estimate. The rise in popularity of mobile games, and the growing affordability of smartphones and internet connection, are the main factors driving this rise in the number of gamers.

An increasing number of game developers and firms are also helping boost Malaysia’s video game industry. Many of these businesses concentrate on making mobile games, which are well-liked in the nation. Lemon Sky Studios, the developer of the well-known mobile game “War of Nations,” and E-One Studio, the creator of the mobile game “Jelly Defense,” are two of the most prosperous businesses in the sector.

The Malaysian video game industry continues to encounter various difficulties despite its expansion. Lack of funds and resources is a significant issue, making it difficult for smaller businesses and game creators to produce and promote their products. In addition, piracy also impacts the market, making it challenging for companies to profit from their games.

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